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C P Electric LLC

Dedicated to providing customers with the honest and fair electrical work that they deserve.

Craig Park opened C P Electric in 1992.  He wanted to continue providing the customers that he had got to know over the years with honest and complete satisfaction with their electrical projects.  He found that by treating customers with honesty and fairness, they would return the appreciation with years of continued patronage that helps him support his family and growth in C P Electric.

Craig has over 33 years of electrical experience.  He has several years of residential as well as commercial & industrial experience.  He worked for several years doing troubleshooting of electrical systems in all types of areas, including residential, commercial and industrial. He also has several years of experience in new construction, (residential, commercial & industrial), including water and sewer pump stations, medium voltage, (over 600 volt), from 5KV to 15KV terminations, etc..

We are very concerned about our customers satisfaction and only provide services and workmanship that will provide them with years of continued satisfaction and performance.  

We have a wide area of expertise and we're sure that you will find us highly skilled and competent to satisfy all of your electrical needs.  We are truly committed towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact us
so that we can discuss your electrical needs!

  • Telephone: 801-816-0666

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